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BRS Credit is committed to helping clients improve their cashflow and reduce the risk of incurring bad debts by adopting an open, honest, and proactive approach to communicating with debtors.


BRS Credit

When a company finds itself in financial distress, the fast and efficient collection of accounts outstanding can often prove critical to the survival of the business. BRS Credit offers solutions that are cost effective and professional. Our highly trained staff operate with full CSA and ICO approval and have an excellent reputation for the service we provide and the results we achieve.

Late payments are a cause of concern for all businesses, large or small. If you find that customers are regularly paying beyond their agreed terms, we can help recover what is outstanding, thereby protecting your company’s cash flow.

Our approach to credit management and collection is professional, persistent, and ethical; an approach which has proven to be highly efficient and effective with open communication and patient negotiations at the core.

Credit Control Support

When a client decides to outsource the management and collection of the company's sales ledger it allows the management team and staff to focus on other key areas of their business whilst significantly reducing costs at the same time. Working on a focused case by case basis we will professionally pursue and collect all sums that are outstanding and overdue to our clients. Each client is appointed their own individual case manager who will have responsibility for a manageable number of accounts, as opposed to the more common “call centre” multi-client approach.

Debtor Ledger Recovery

The BRS Credit team specialises in working closely with Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) to ensure the fast and efficient collection of debtor ledgers outstanding when a company enters insolvency. Our approach is simple yet effective, professional yet persistent, with courteous communication and respectful negotiations at the core. A case manager takes responsibility for the collection of each new insolvency ledger we are assigned, thereby guaranteeing a consistent, cost effective and professional approach that the IP can rely on.

Disputed Payment Resolution

Should a payment dispute arise with a customer, for whatever reason, it is important to try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible thereby limiting the impact this could have on the cashflow. By utilising the services of BRS Credit we take emotion out of the dispute by dealing only with the facts of the matter and by adopting a persistent and professional approach to seek a resolution.

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